About Kristen

About the Artist

Kristen Dahms graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009, with a degree in Illustration. Since graduation, she has participated in many gallery shows in Florida, Virginia, and New York. She had the honor of being selected as one of the 109 artists from across the country to be published in “Incite 2, Color Passion: Best of Mixed Media” 2015. Since 2015 Kristen has worked full-time as a professional artist showing her artwork at art festivals from Rhode Island to South Carolina. She has won many awards from Best of Mixed Media at Mystic Connecticut in 2017 to Best in Show at New World Festival in Manteo North Carolina. She is honored to be recognized for her distinct style and use of watercolor. Kristen currently lives in Hampton Virginia with her husband and two dogs.

Who we are

Art Process

My process is all about layering, texture, and patterns. I start each painting with a theme and research what would be found in that setting. The paper is stained with coffee to add texture. I then layer the paper with line drawings of animals, nature, and objects. Next, I add paper with text, patterns, and textures. After the foundation is done I start adding watercolor paint and ink. I also use chalk pastels, oil pastels, colored pencils, and markers to add details.

"Believing is Seeing"

- Kristen Dahms


Nature and animals are the foundation of my paintings. They offer endless inspiration and subjects for my brush. My art focuses on the exploration of color, texture, and pattern. I experiment with different materials, applications, and colors to express a feeling or mood. My paintings entice the viewer to take a closer look and discover the hidden images and small paintings within the main image. Painting for me is about finding those complex layers of life and form found in the natural world and expressing them in my own way.